Extend your customer experience beyond the cash register

 Transform receipts  into valuable customer interactions

Every paper receipt thrown in the trash or filed away in spam is a wasted opportunity. Using HD technology, IHR revitalizes two-dimensional receipts into clickable and convenient touchpoints. Every line on your paper receipt opens doors for customers to engage with your company.

Create  personalized touchpoints 
for your customers

Personalization isn’t just for the big guys. By linking to your customers’ receipt vault, you can create recommendations through targeted ads and curated discounts on the IHR platform.

 Drive engagement 
and evangelism

If a customer loves your stuff, why not give them a voice to share it? IHR is built to seamlessly integrate with social media, so your customers can share their favorite products, discounts, and promotions to their network with the swipe of a button.

A digital ecosystem
to call your own

Defend your turf from the big retailers without having to build your own tech infrastructure from scratch. IHR is available in a white-labeled version that you can market as your own branded app, thanks to our intelligent toolkit of APIs.

What is a Contactless HD™ Receipt?

An HD receipt is an interactive high-resolution receipt that lives in your IHR App.

Features of HD receipts include:
Immediate Interactive Surveys for each Purchase
Pictures of Purchased Items
Access to AI-Generated promotions based on customer data
Dynamic Product Links
Item level warranty and return tracking capabilities

How it Works

Step 1

A customer makes a purchase at your store via the POS terminal.

Step 2

The receipt is converted to a mobile HD receipt and sent to your customer via the IHR app.

Step 3

Data on the receipt is transformed into interactive line items within the IHR app so your customers can access past purchases and view promotions

Step 4

You can target promotions and offers directly to your customers, based on their preferences and purchase history.

Our Story

Did you know that less than 1% of customers engage with paper receipts? 

By breathing life into paper receipts, we’re on a mission to empower merchants with meaningful customer touchpoints to compete in the evolving world of retail. Uber convenience via contactless solutions is the customer experience of the future, and we’re here to help merchants ride the wave. 

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