We’re thrilled to introduce our brand-new Stone Capsule. A calm and sleek design inspired by minimalism. Uncluttered lines, industrial charm and modern colour.

A new colour, inspired by London’s modern industrial architecture. The way it stands tall in its simplicity, strong construct and calming demeanour. London’s industrial architecture reminds us how to stay strong in our foundations and minimal in what we wear.

Unveiling the power of modern industrial design in our Stone Capsule. Our Stone Capsule is inspired by our admiration for modern industrial architecture. The way it is both neutral and stylish, awe-inspiring yet simple without trying too hard to attract attention. It’s so grounded in certainty and self-assurance that it doesn’t care about outside validation. No drama or mind games, you just know where you stand.

We wanted to create an ode to the artistry of modern architecture and fashion-forward designs.

Our leathers are both strong and soft, interlacing the perfect harmony between form and function, just like that of an architect’s grand vision. Each clean line pays homage to London’s distinctive buildings, both unique yet familiar. The contrasting stitch lines are reminiscent of metal beams, each corner telling the story of different window frames or doors, perfectly encompassing the intention of function over perfection.

The interior of the bag is minimal without any sign of chaos or clutter, just like the beauty of an open floor plan. The simpler the interior, the easier it is to not lose any important belongings and ultimately, have an easier life.

Our Stone Capsule is a fashion statement inspired by concrete, a new way to be effortlessly chic.