Beara Beara designs, manufactures, and sells leather bags. We promote style, practicality, and quality, however, the company represents so much more. We try to approach every situation and every day with a set of positive values. These dominate how we work as a team and how we see Beara Beara in relation to society and the world in general. We believe that business is not only a way to make money but also an opportunity to make a positive difference in the world.


We encourage a sense of pride in individuality and embracing uniqueness. We do not blindly follow trends but design a product that stands out from the crowd and enhances a persons overall look. Be original, be confident. Our Inspiration : Colin found his style later in life. It has transformed his life from being homeless to being a successful business owner. Wearing his suit and matching top hat gives him confidence in any given situation and he is proud of keeping the vintage British style alive.


Life is for living. Embrace the diversity in the world. Experience life without fear or preconceptions. Learn and laugh and grow as a person. Be open minded and a positive path will present itself. Our Inspiration : While planning a shoot in Australia we met Clara who went on to feature in the video. She is the epitome of freedom and adventure. Striving to live every day to the full and tackling every situation as a learning experience.


We live in a divided world where humanity can be sorely lacking. We believe in treating everyone with equal respect. Promote empathy, as understanding is the natural consequence. Be responsible for your actions or lack of. Create opportunities for others. People in general are proud and simply want to support their families and better themselves. We can give people this opportunity. Our inspiration : We became aware of the Accumulate project recently and instantly recognised the positive impact it is striving to achieve. Accumulate helps young, homeless people in London to explore their creative sides and open up opportunities for them to improve their lives through photography and the arts.


Aim big. Never give up. Achieve the unachievable. Be entrepreneurial. Be proactive. Don't accept the status quo but think and act the way that makes sense to you. Find the positives, engage people, make a difference. Achieve, both commercially and socially. Our inspiration : Helen Victoria is an inspiring character and performer who has made a success from dedicating herself to something that she loves.


We believe in producing a quality product with a long lifespan. Discourage needless waste and a senseless consumerism. Own fewer but better things and take pride in them as thy represent who you are. A bag should be made of quality material, constructed in a way that it can bare the tests of time and made by someone who takes pride in their work.


Be generous to others. Generosity promotes trust and diminishes divisions and distrust. Be generous with your time, with your efforts, with your words and with your money. Over time, generosity will be repaid ten fold.


Surround yourself with those who live life in a positive way and you will be swept along. It's an amazing feeling to be part of a group full of amazing and inspiring people. It motivates you to grow and to become a better person.