What word do you carry with you?

Personalisation has been an important element of the brand for many years. Owning a bag unlike any other is a special thing. It represents your identity, shows your individuality. We have been fascinated by all the wonderful things that we have embossed over the years. Words like Bubble Butt, Pork Chop, Diaper Boy, Monkey King, Try Me, Expecto Patronum, Miss Piggy, Bozo, make us smile.

Recently our aim is to increase the concept of personalisation so we are happy to announce the release of our new leather tag. This metal and leather tag can be hung from any of your bags or used as a keyring.

We like to think about these tags going on daily adventures all across the globe and it got us thinking about what words are most important to us. Is it a person (your Mom, partner, president, celebrity hero for example), is it an important date that maybe you don't want to forget, is it a place with a memory that cheers you up when your down, or is it a motivational word or phrase that you like to be reminded of like Dream Big, Be Kind, Never Give Up, Stay True, etc?