Every knows the feeling of misplacing your glasses and the ensuing frustration as you check jacket pockets and drawers and table tops. It was after one of these quite common episodes that I decided that I needed a 'place'. A special place where my sunglasses would live. I had some cheap case somewhere but who knows where it disappeared to. Anyway the idea of a range of glasses cases seemed like a good one.

I decided to start with a design that focused primarily on practicality and another which prioritised style. The Sam has a beautiful curved shape, not only a nice simple form but this also creates a strong protective shell. The inside we padded and the front zip makes life quick and easy. As a little added extra the wrist strap can come in handy on occasions when you need access to your case but also enables you to be hands free. The Sam is not a showy product, it will sit there content with being a reliable extra, a safe home for those glasses for many many years to come.

Moving onto the second design, I took inspiration from those sunglass wearing celebrities like the Beatles, Tom Cruise and Audrey Hepburn. The point became that there is a huge diversity of styles and sizes. I wanted to create something that everyone could use so it became clear that two sizes would be a must.

The Audrey's central focus is the unique pin clip. It has a fantastically vintage look, is solid and really easy to use. On the inside we decided the glasses deserved their own stand. This keeps the glasses stable even if they are slightly too small for the case plus this combined with the reinforced exterior and the padded interior make for a fairly indestructible case. I'm extremely happy with how the Audrey has worked out, so good in fact that you will find it cobranded in several glass brand stores very soon. Obviously much better to get yours directly from us though!