— Adding embossing can transform a leather bag and makes a gift special for life

Embossings can add a lot of personality to a leather bag. Whether you're treating yourself to a cute new leather handbag, or a robust leather backpack for adventures, or a classic leather satchel as a lovely gift, adding a personal touch is a fantastic option.

To start with, what would you most like to feature on your bag? Your full name, a special date, your university, your company, your children/parents' initials, an important place, etc? If you want a longer word or several small words then best to use lower case Handwritten font. As well as the text, the font type, colour, and position are also essential to consider. You have several options to choose from to create that perfect personalised bag.



Times New Roman Our original font is around 9mm tall. You can use up to 7 upper cases, 9 lower case characters, or a combination of both. This font is slightly more formal and is best suited to our larger bags. Handwritten Font It’s a little smaller and more delicate beautiful italic font. It has an almost vintage signature look. You can use up to 8 upper cases, 14 lower cases or a combination of both. Please note you cannot combine symbols with this font.


GOLD Gold embossings can be a fantastic addition as it compliments the brass hardware beautifully. NATURAL This is the option with no additional colour added. Having subtle natural embossing is a nice option if you would prefer to keep the embossing simple and personal.


FRONT The center of the front flap is the most popular option with embossings. It is clear and proud for all to see and makes your bag obviously unique to you. INSIDE Placing the embossing inside the bag keeps it more personal and subtle. OTHERS If these aren't the options consider placing your embossing on the rear of the bag. Check the bag you are interested in to see what options you have.


HEART What better way to show someone your love than to give them a heart. Hearts can be embossed alone or along with someone initials. STAR You can use two stars which look nice at either end of a word. ROSE An intricate symbol depicting a love a nature or a gift to a loved one. CROWN A hint towards the British Royal Family. Maybe you have someone who you consider to be the King or Queen of your family.


Celebrate this year by personalising your bag with our cute rabbit embossing. Please note the Rabbit cannot be combined with letters or icons.


A classic personalised bracelet comes with embossing included. A piece of natural leather joined by a uniquely designed Beara Beara magnetic clasp. Strong hold yet quick and easy to take on and off.


Capital letters are approximately 9mm tall for Times New Roman font and 7mm tall for the Handwritten font. We are able to emboss up to seven capital letters in total on most bags or five letters plus one heart or rose. Please note that we can only emboss one heart or rose on each bag. Please enter the information you would like on the product page and it will automatically confirm if this can be done or not. Please allow three additional days for your bag to be embossed. Please also note that this work is done manually so there can be slight variations in positioning and finish and although we cannot guarantee perfection we will do our utmost to get it as close to perfect as possible. Please note that all embossed bags cannot be returned or exchanged. If you have any questions about particular bag options please send us an email.