We like day dreaming. We allow ourselves time to do nothing, be still and think and we inevitably find ourselves thinking more about the past than the future. We reminisce about a life that was a little simpler, slower paced, a little more fun. It is in this world where Beara Beara bags are quite often dreamt up. The subtle style is designed to compliment a person's overall look yet with a real sense of purpose and confidence.

For this campaign we decided to start with the theme. Obviously we love travelling. We love exploring and adventure, experiences and challenges. One of the forms of travelling we enjoy the most is by train so we designed a bag to fit this experience. We thought back to our grandparent's generation, how they may have packed up their bags for a fun few days away. They had a strong sense of respectability so always looked good no matter what. They had a sense of politeness, the man chivalrous, the woman kind and caring.

The Dylan has a classic look with a beautiful curved and rounded form. It hangs low on the side and really compliments anyone who enjoys a vintage vibe. The solid front clip is a throwback to suitcase fastener and reinforces the quality feel of the bag.